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My New Year’s Resolutions

Here is a brief history of my previous new year’s resolutions:

 1986 – Become a millionaire (aged 5 at the time)

 1997 – Start saving for university (aged 16)

 1999 – Take out loans to pay for university (aged 18)

 2003 – Pay off student debt (the year I graduated)

 2004 – Pay off student/graduate debt by next year 

 2005 – Pay off student/graduate/travelling debt interest

 2006 – Leave the country and change my name!

 2007 – Start my millionaire adventure!

The Goal

Like so many others I have always dreamt of becoming a millionaire. Unfortunately like most people all I have ever done is “dream”. 

It dawned on me one day that at some point you have to stop dreaming and take action to make your dream a reality. My ‘point’ is January 1st 2007 and my new years resolution is very simple, take every opportunity to make my dream a reality. 

The goal therefore is simple… become a millionaire.

Is the goal unrealistic? Am I naive? Am I stupid? I hope not but only time will tell and this blog will record my journey to success or failure.