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2008 Review

The year 2008 will always be remembered as the year the phrase ‘credit crunch’ entered the dictionary, despite the fact the severe shortage of credit started back in August 2007 when French bank BNP Paribas admitted it could not value some of its assets due to a “complete evaporation of liquidity” in the market. Within a month the European Central bank had pumped 95bn euros into the banking market although this wasn’t enough to prevent a run on the Northern Rock and it’s eventual collapse.

Only days into 2008 and the World Bank issued a statement predicting that global economic growth will slow in 2008 as the credit crunch hit even the worlds richest nations. But I doubt even they expected the FTSE would end the year down 31.3%, with interest rates across the globe being slashed to record lows. But despite all this doom and gloom I was still able to make money as my Millionaire Adventure continued.


My Budget Review Q4 2008

When I wrote my last quarterly review of my finances the FTSE100 stood at close to 5000 points, little did I know within a matter of weeks it would drop by 24% as the world came to terms with a global recession. But closer to home, how did my own finances fare during this period of economic turmoil?


My Budget Review Q3 2008

Another three months has passed and it’s time again to review my finances. The economic climate may have taken a turn for the worse, but will my finances require a government bailout?


My Budget Review Q2 2008

I can’t believe how quickly the last 3 months have gone, but I guess that’s what happens when you go on holiday for 3 weeks! Anyway it’s time for me to review my spending against my budget for the last 3 months.


My Budget Review Q1 2008

As today marks the start of the new tax year I thought it would be appropriate to review my spending for the first 3 months of this calendar year.