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Summer Holiday Report

Now that the bucket and spade has been packed away for another year it’s time for normal service to resume, starting with a quick overview of how MillionaireAdventure has still been earning a few pounds whilst enjoying a relaxing break.

First thing to report was a small cashback payment in July earning me £9.14 for comparing car insurance, ordering a pizza and booking a hotel through Quidco links. I can’t emphasise this enough, cashback sites really do offer money for nothing if you were going to buy these things anyway.

Another £10.30 was earned from an online gaming site that I am an existing member of offering me £10 free credit to play with. This was a fantastic offer as I didn’t have to deposit anything, just play through the free credit they had given me and whatever I was left with I was free to withdraw. Playing through low risk games normally means you can expect 60-70% return, but luck was clearly on my side as I finished with £10.30.

Whilst there wasn’t much football to keep me entertained over the summer, England’s spectacular Ashes triumph at least gave me some matched betting opportunities with me netting a £76.51 profit for little effort.

Little reward for my efforts on eBay

Whilst some might be raking in the cash for their unwanted goods, all my efforts on eBay this month seemed about as successful as selling a random selection of goods under the brand Woolworths!

Having spent the best part of a day listing over 50 items, painstakingly photographing them and writing the descriptions I was hoping for a good return.

However only 9 sold for a total of £45.14 and after eBay fees, PayPal fees and postage left me with a profit of just £24.30. Which is disappointing to say the least.

I don’t think there was anything wrong with the items, and with starting prices of just 99p they were not overpriced so I think this might be another symptom of the current recession. I don’t think it’s demand that’s dropping, but rather a case of over-supply.

Everywhere I look there is another how-to guide screaming for attention with titles like “How-to beat the Credit Crunch”, “Recession Busting Tips” or my personal favourite “Happy credit-crunch Christmas”. And just about everyone of these imaginatively suggests making some extra cash by selling your unwanted goods on eBay.

So lesson learnt. The ‘herd’ are now on eBay so I’ll wait for the recession to end and the ‘herd’ to move on to the next frenzied bubble.

More Quidco & GreasyPalm Cashback

I discovered another £4.54 cashback from Quidco in my bank account today which was a nice surprise as it’s built up of lots of small earnings and includes my £5 annual membership fee. Checking my Quidco account I was amazed to see that I have earned almost £150 cashback in just one year, all for doing nothing more than clicking a Quidco link rather than going direct to the online retailer.

I also finally recieved £30 cashback from GreasyPalm that I have been waiting for a while and by getting paid in Amazon vouchers I also earned a 5% bonus worth an additional £1.50.

5% bonus from GreasyPalm for Amazon vouchers

Did you know GreasyPalm can pay your cashback in Amazon vouchers, and not only that but they’ll give you a 5% bonus for opting for this method of payment?

This bonus meant I earned an extra £2.15 on my recent cashback payment of £42.94 which included £15 betting cashback from back in March last year and the first £20 of what will hopefully be £50 cashback in total from December.

It also included £7.94 of cashback that I had earned through the GreasyPalm Rebate Catcher, basically a program that you install in Internet Explorer which automatically credits you with cashback when you shop online from any on their partners.

First Cashback Kings referral

I noticed some more cashback in my bank account today from Cashback Kings. This included £20 that I had earned back in September for signing up with an online bookmaker to make money using the matched betting technique.

It also included 72p of cashback from a hotel booking that I made with Travelodge when I went to visit friends just before Christmas, which was particularly pleasing as the hotel room only cost me £19 for the night anyway in the Travelodge sale.

In addition I earned my first referral from this website as somebody signed upto Cashback Kings via one of my referral links earning me £1. Whoever did this must have also earned themselves at least £5 from Cashback Kings as that’s the minimum required before I get paid. So it really was a win win scenario for all involved and if you haven’t already signed up I would urge you to do so now as it’s easy money.