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Managing my award programs just got a lot easier!

I am often asked to endorse sites but rarely do because most I simply don’t use myself, but there is an exception in which I recently signed up for myself. Its fantastic for managing all your award balances in one place and even emails me weekly with my updated balances so I can easily check all my points from a recent trip were awarded correctly.

England v Ukraine – Pay per view?

In less than an hour’s time England will kick off against Ukraine in a match which means little to England fans but despite this England fans are being asked to pay £11.99 (or less than half this amount if you paid before Wednesday. I have written on here before about my addiction to football, but even I wont pay money to watch what is essentially a friendly game for England.

But I will be watching tonight thanks to a well known betting site that is allowing its customers to watch for free if they have a funded account and as far as I can see there is nothing in it’s terms and conditions to prevent you from depositing money before the match then withdrawing it straight after the game, although obviously they hope you will place a bet on the match.

So I haven’t really saved myself any money as I wouldn’t have paid anyway, but I will at least get to watch the match!

Come on England!

Isle of Wight by Hovercraft for just £1

Fifty years ago a revolutionary new form of transport was launched from the Isle of Wight. It was not quite a boat and not quite a plane, but the hovercraft went on to become a British success story with Griffon Hoverwork in Southampton claiming to have built over half the world’s commercial hovercraft.

Planning a bike ride around the Isle of Wight I knew straight away I wanted to cross the Solent by hovercraft. Costing the same as the ferry but making the journey in just 10 minutes it really was an easy decision for me, but it really became a no-brainer when I realised I was able to take advantage of a special £1 fare offer. Compared to the usual price of £8 each way, I was able to save £14 and have a little bit of fun too!

Gym sheds more than just pounds of fat

Back at the start of the year I wrote about my plans to give up the gym to save money, however this plan was thwarted when Fitness First offered to substantially reduce my monthly fee for 3 months. Now that the fee has gone back up to £31.25 per month I have finally given up my gym membership after being a member for 3 years at a total cost of over £1000.


Standing up for my rights no matter how much is at stake

I recently signed up for a membership with one of the largest sporting bodies in the country which would give me access to tickets at their new stadium (you can probably guess which organisation I am talking about!). My annual membership fee of £50 promised access to some of the biggest sporting events in the country from just £99 and proudly listed them off.

I was therefore very disappointed when I logged in to discover that tickets were not available for some of the events they had promised and absolutely furious when I discovered that prices ranged from £179 to £399 for the events they had originally mentioned in their email. So within hours of signing up I fired off a complaint by email requesting a refund.