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Proof that bankers were full of hot air

A recent report by the charities commission found that a quarter of charities have experienced a drop in donations due to the recent economic downturn which is to be expected as people tighten their purse strings across the board and unfortunately charity donations are an easy target for people looking to make quick and easy cut backs.

But there are other ways to donate other than financial.


World Food Crisis

967 million people are hungry as a result of the World Food Crisis. 24,000 people die of hunger-related causes every day, including one child every five seconds. Malnutrition has impaired physical and mental development in 178 million under-fives worldwide.

The numbers are frightening. But people are not numbers. They are children, brothers, sisters, neighbours, friends. And millions of them are parents facing choices they shouldn’t have to make. Like whether to feed themselves or their families, whether to give their sick child food or medicine.


London to Brighton Bike Ride

I did my bit for charity today as I took part in the London to Brighton Bike Ride completing the 54 mile route in just under 4 hours. I’ll update this post later with exactly how much I raised for the British Heart Foundation.

Sport Relief – Rise to the challenge

Whilst I may only blog about my adventures as I seek to become a millionaire, I also believe doing your bit for charity is important which is why this morning I joined thousands of people around the country running for Sport Relief.

Having done the mile last time out I thought I had better move up to 3 miles this year which I successfully completed in the rain earlier today. If you don’t know what Sport Relief is about then head over to their website to find out why it makes such a difference.

The total amount raised this year looks like it will be over £20m, which includes a single donation of £5.5m from a mystery donor during the live TV show on Friday.