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Gambling + Emotions = Big Losses (Part 2)

Last summer I wrote about the huge losses I sustained by betting against United winning the Champions League. And guess what, I have only gone and done it again!

This time it was betting against United winning the Premier League, and having edged Liverpool to the title this ended up costing me £99.97. This however was partly offset by the £23.58 I earned when Barcelona comprehensively beat United in the Champions League final (and the reason why it has taken me so long to write this post).

I also lost a fair bit of money betting against United on single matches but these losses were offset by taking advantage of some free bet offers. In total I have earned £74.56 in the last couple of months betting and it would have been far more if only I could stop betting against United.

Where I’m investing my money in 2009 – Part 3

You’ve heard about this ‘Credit Crunch’ right? Well lets be honest, it’s pretty hard not to have when the worlds media have become obsessed about reporting anything that’s been remotely credit crunched. The root cause of everything that is happening right now is a lack of available credit, a symptom of this is the economic downturn which has now transformed into a recession.

Based on the well known economic model of supply and demand, “price will function to equalise the quantity demanded by consumers, and the quantity supplied by producers, resulting in an economic equilibrium of price and quantity”. So with the supply of credit being significantly constrained we either have to reduce demand or increase the price we are willing to pay for credit.


Matched Betting continues through Christmas

It may have been Christmas last week but I have continued matched betting taking advantage of three £50 matched bets on offer from one of the accounts I opened earlier in the month. It was simply a case of wagering £50 five times to unlock each free bet and over two weeks I turned this into £86.42 profit.


Free cash just for taking part

I received an email from GreasyPalm today offering me £50 cashback if I signed up with an online games site and played through £10 worth of games. If that wasn’t tempting enough they even offered to match my deposit with a £10 bonus.

The games kept me entertained for a couple of hours with me playing ‘Deal or No Deal’ followed by a few games of ‘Higher or Lower’. The wagering requirements were £80 before I could make a withdrawal, but I didn’t get that far as I swiftly lost all of the money.

The only problem now is the cashback is only showing as £20 in my GreasyPalm account which is a bit disappointing as they had promised £50 in their email. Plus it will be a couple of months before I get my cashback so fingers crossed they pay up.

*** Feb-09 Update ***

I have now recieved the full £50 cashback.

And I thought I knew loads about football

I have prided myself on my knowledge of the beautiful game for years so when I took up an offer from the Football Pools I was confident that I’d be able to predict 8 correct scores rather easily and net myself some of the prize fund.

However after playing the Footballs Pools every week for the last four months I have failed to win a prize, in fact my initial optimism from the first week when I correctly predicted 7 results was the best result I got. Most weeks I was able to score 4-5 correct results out of 10, but one weekend when all of the big four failed to win I only scored 3.

So in summary I have concluded I am rubbish at predicting football scores, although for what it’s worth I reckon Chelsea will win the Champions League!