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Gambling + Emotions = Big Losses (Part 2)

Last summer I wrote about the huge losses I sustained by betting against United winning the Champions League. And guess what, I have only gone and done it again!

This time it was betting against United winning the Premier League, and having edged Liverpool to the title this ended up costing me £99.97. This however was partly offset by the £23.58 I earned when Barcelona comprehensively beat United in the Champions League final (and the reason why it has taken me so long to write this post).

I also lost a fair bit of money betting against United on single matches but these losses were offset by taking advantage of some free bet offers. In total I have earned £74.56 in the last couple of months betting and it would have been far more if only I could stop betting against United.

Matched Betting continues through Christmas

It may have been Christmas last week but I have continued matched betting taking advantage of three £50 matched bets on offer from one of the accounts I opened earlier in the month. It was simply a case of wagering £50 five times to unlock each free bet and over two weeks I turned this into £86.42 profit.


Free cash just for taking part

I received an email from GreasyPalm today offering me £50 cashback if I signed up with an online games site and played through £10 worth of games. If that wasn’t tempting enough they even offered to match my deposit with a £10 bonus.

The games kept me entertained for a couple of hours with me playing ‘Deal or No Deal’ followed by a few games of ‘Higher or Lower’. The wagering requirements were £80 before I could make a withdrawal, but I didn’t get that far as I swiftly lost all of the money.

The only problem now is the cashback is only showing as £20 in my GreasyPalm account which is a bit disappointing as they had promised £50 in their email. Plus it will be a couple of months before I get my cashback so fingers crossed they pay up.

*** Feb-09 Update ***

I have now recieved the full £50 cashback.

And I thought I knew loads about football

I have prided myself on my knowledge of the beautiful game for years so when I took up an offer from the Football Pools I was confident that I’d be able to predict 8 correct scores rather easily and net myself some of the prize fund.

However after playing the Footballs Pools every week for the last four months I have failed to win a prize, in fact my initial optimism from the first week when I correctly predicted 7 results was the best result I got. Most weeks I was able to score 4-5 correct results out of 10, but one weekend when all of the big four failed to win I only scored 3.

So in summary I have concluded I am rubbish at predicting football scores, although for what it’s worth I reckon Chelsea will win the Champions League!

Last-gasp United goal proves costly

I have written before about how my pessimism for my beloved football has proved costly before, no more so than when Man Utd won the Champions League back in May.

I have clearly not learned any lessons from that experience, as with Sunderland holding United nil-nil after 85 minutes I thought I was on to a winner backing the game to finish a draw. With the odds on a draw rapidly dropping I followed up my first bet with a lay bet, thus locking in a £2.80 profit if the game were to finish a draw with nothing to lose if either team were to grab a last minute winner.

However greed got the better of me and I again put £10 on the result being a draw hoping to lock in a bigger profit as the odds continued to slide towards the full time whistle. But before I could make the lay bet on the draw, Vidic grabbed an injury time winner and my £10 evaporated as quickly as Sunderland’s hopes of winning a precious point at Old Trafford.