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$2.6m for

A US man has sold the domain name for $2.6m (£1.3m) after maintaining the site for just $20 a year since 1994. That’s a 9286% return on his £140 investment.

He said he now regretted not buying more domain names in the 1990s. Whilst I am regretting not buying before him!

GT5:Prologue for £17.27 using Quidco

I had to purchase Gran Turismo 5: Prologue for my PS3 and having searched online to find the lowest prices I also checked Quidco for cashback offers.

I discovered that were offering 4% cashback so I went with them as they also had the lowest price. Ok so I didn’t have to purchase this game but I would have done anyway so at least this way I saved myself 72p.


Free £10 for playing PaddyPower games

I received an email from PaddyPower last week offering me a free £10 to play with on their games site simply for clicking a link in there email. Seemed too good an opportunity to turn down so I gave Blackjack a go.

In total I played 11 games at a £1 a go, winning 4 and losing 7 (I’m clearly not that good at the game!). This left me with £6.40 in my account which I tried to withdraw as a little bonus for my MillionaireAdventure pot. Unfortunately this is where the real games begun…


How I am fighting inflation

Regular readers of my blog will be used to me complaining about inflationary increases to my regular expenditure whether it be utility bills, cost of petrol or the rising price of food. I devised a tight budget at the start of the year based on my spending during the previous year so I need to find cost savings equivalent to any price rises (i.e. inflation). So what have I done so far?


The true cost of running a freezer

Freezers are a great invention don’t get me wrong but they are rather expensive to run. There is the obvious cost of purchasing a freezer along with possibly having somebody come around and fit it. But that’s only the start of the costs as the electricity to keep my freezer running costs approximately £85 per year (assuming it uses 2 units per day at current rates) and then there is the hidden cost of maintaining your food inventory.