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Gym sheds more than just pounds of fat

Back at the start of the year I wrote about my plans to give up the gym to save money, however this plan was thwarted when Fitness First offered to substantially reduce my monthly fee for 3 months. Now that the fee has gone back up to £31.25 per month I have finally given up my gym membership after being a member for 3 years at a total cost of over £1000.


Gambling + Emotions = Big Losses (Part 2)

Last summer I wrote about the huge losses I sustained by betting against United winning the Champions League. And guess what, I have only gone and done it again!

This time it was betting against United winning the Premier League, and having edged Liverpool to the title this ended up costing me £99.97. This however was partly offset by the £23.58 I earned when Barcelona comprehensively beat United in the Champions League final (and the reason why it has taken me so long to write this post).

I also lost a fair bit of money betting against United on single matches but these losses were offset by taking advantage of some free bet offers. In total I have earned £74.56 in the last couple of months betting and it would have been far more if only I could stop betting against United.

I’ve finally joined the mass ranks of uninformed voters

It’s been a long time coming but I have finally joined the mass ranks of uninformed voters today by casting my vote in both the County Council and European Parliament elections. As somebody in their late twenties (writing that hurts!), I have had several opportunities to vote in the past, and whilst I have always made the effort to get to the polling station I always opted to spoil my vote as I felt I did not know enough about each candidate to make an informed choice.

I also strongly believe that the majority of voters cast their votes knowing very little beyond the marketing hype that surrounds each party. However, failing to engage in the political process would be far worse and I am very disappointed to hear that voter turnout is predicted to be around 25%.

Such a low turnout undoubtedly leads to questions about whether those elected really represent our nation, but you can not blame those individuals elected or the 25% that did make the effort (even if they did spoil their votes!). The blame rests solely with the 75% of people that felt they had something more important to do today and they can have no complaints if they later disagree with the policies those elected introduce. Whilst those 25% of us that did vote can go back to complaining about MP expenses.

So if you haven’t already cast your vote, please go and do so now!

The ‘great recession’ is over, or is it?

The recession is over, we can all rejoice in surviving the “great recession”. But if a recession was that easy what were we all worrying about?

The truth is we are no where near the end of this recession, despite the recent surge of bright economic news in recent weeks. Whilst stock markets may have turned a corner it is well known that they rally long before the real economy does. Unemployment is still rising and that along with GDP should be the key indicator of a nations economic health.

So why the optimism? (more…)

Student Loans abolished

This week our unelected Government pushed through legislation to abolish student loans. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean you don’t have to repay, it’s just becoming more of a tax rather than a loan! So what exactly have they done?