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11% more millionaires in the world

I was reading a magazine article today that says the number of millionaires in the world rose by 11% last year to 9.6 million (defined as those people with over $1m of investable/liquid assets). And the good news is that the UK ranks number three in the world with 610,000 millionaires, just behind the US and Japan.

Whilst there are plenty of dollar millionaires in the world, billionaires are a much more exclusive group with less than 800 people worldwide achieving this status (most of which seem to own premiership football clubs!).

With close to $2m needed to be a £GBP millionaire that is a more exclusive group. So where do you need to go in the world to quickly become a millionaire? Well £35 will make you a millionaire in Vietnam but if you are looking for somewhere a bit closer to home then you’ll need £3000 to achieve millionaire status in Hungary.

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