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Football is back and so is the Football Pools

It’s been 97 long days since the football season finished back in May and with no home nations involved in Euro 2008 it’s about time we had some domestic football to watch again.

Football is not the only thing that has returned today, the Football Pools is back having re-invented itself with an online game that is run alongside the traditional paper coupon version.

If you signup before October and spend £15 on any of their online games they are offering to add another £15 slap bang in your account. There is no simple way of matching this out to guarantee a profit so it’s a pure gamble and will provide a good test of whether my knowledge of football enables me to accurately predict results.

It costs £1 to play each week so will keep me busy for much of the season. For the record here are my selections for the opening weekend: 


*** Update Monday 18th August ***

I scored 7 out of 10 this weekend so had I predicted one more correct outcome I would have won myself £10. I am currently placed 64th overall for the £750 monthly prize which I hope to improve on next weekend.

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