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Matched betting success continues

Over the last couple of days I have signed up for another two online bookmakers who were both offering £25 free bets for wagering the same amount. In less than an hour I earned nearly £50.

I used the Arsenal v Bolton game for the first qualifying bet with the following possible outcomes:

  Betfair Bookmaker Total
Arsenal win -£15.50 £15 -£0.50
Draw / Bolton win £23.75 -£25 -£1.25

And then the Burnley v Fulham Carling cup match to profit from the £25 free bet ensuring an overall profit of £16.31.

  Betfair Bookmaker Total
Draw -£40.69 £57.50 £16.81
Burnley / Fulham win £16.81 Free bet £16.81

I signed up for the second bookmaker via CashbackKings as I should receive £20 cashback just from signing up. I didn’t even have to make a qualifying bet either as the £25 free bet was credited as soon as I deposited my money. With the big encounter between Chelsea and Man Utd I couldn’t resist going for a Chelsea win (my pessimistic side as a United fan clearly showing again).

  Betfair Bookmaker Total
Chelsea win -£47.20 £85 £37.80
Draw / Man Utd win £38 -£25 £13

As I had only deposited £25 of my own money that is all I stood to lose at the bookmaker, but having the free £25 bet on top increased my winnings had Chelsea won. However, United once again proved me wrong by taking a point away from Stamford Bridge. So although I didn’t win as much as possible, I still made a profit of £13.

Which means across the two bookies I made a total profit of £29.31 with another £20 cashback hopefully still to come.

*** Update Jan-09 ***

I have now received the £20 cashback from CashbackKings.

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