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England v Ukraine – Pay per view?

In less than an hour’s time England will kick off against Ukraine in a match which means little to England fans but despite this England fans are being asked to pay £11.99 (or less than half this amount if you paid before Wednesday. I have written on here before about my addiction to football, but even I wont pay money to watch what is essentially a friendly game for England.

But I will be watching tonight thanks to a well known betting site that is allowing its customers to watch for free if they have a funded account and as far as I can see there is nothing in it’s terms and conditions to prevent you from depositing money before the match then withdrawing it straight after the game, although obviously they hope you will place a bet on the match.

So I haven’t really saved myself any money as I wouldn’t have paid anyway, but I will at least get to watch the match!

Come on England!

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