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Gym sheds more than just pounds of fat

Back at the start of the year I wrote about my plans to give up the gym to save money, however this plan was thwarted when Fitness First offered to substantially reduce my monthly fee for 3 months. Now that the fee has gone back up to £31.25 per month I have finally given up my gym membership after being a member for 3 years at a total cost of over £1000.

Whilst it sounds like a lot of money the gym did serve it’s purpose with me shedding 45 pounds helping to get my weight down to a more reasonable level.

There was no fad dieting, no extreme workouts and no personal trainer. Instead I built my fitness levels up slowly, making working out part of my regular routine and slowly the weight came off.  In many ways this approach is similar to Millionaire Adventure where I am gradually increasing my wealth, changing my spending habits and without the aid of paying for any financial advisors.

I’m not however going back to my lazy ways and I’m determined not to put the weight back on. From now on I will be looking for free (or at least cheap) ways of staying fit with plenty of bike rides planned, including a quick tour around the Isle of Wight next week.

Giving up the gym this month and switching to other forms of free exercise means I’ll save £218.75 over the rest of the year, which gives my Millionaire Adventure total a nice little boost.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for how I can keep fit for free. You can leave your suggestions using the comment form below.

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