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Proof that bankers were full of hot air

A recent report by the charities commission found that a quarter of charities have experienced a drop in donations due to the recent economic downturn which is to be expected as people tighten their purse strings across the board and unfortunately charity donations are an easy target for people looking to make quick and easy cut backs.

But there are other ways to donate other than financial.

You could donate your time to a local good cause and have an instant direct benefit in your community.

And if you don’t have the time to volunteer you could donate your blood which could save someone’s life. Not only can you lie back for 30 minutes or so satisfied you are doing something worthwhile, you also get a free cup of tea and biscuits once you are done! So not one to turn down a free cup of tea that’s exactly what I did today (and have done every 6 months or so).

Now if you are thinking “I should give blood one day” please can I urge you to find a local session now because as the chart below shows blood stocks are currently exceptionally low as colds and flu have led to 6000 fewer donors donating blood each week.











This chart got me thinking…. levels have remained fairly constant up until early September when they fall significantly. Sound familiar?

A quick check of what the FTSE has done over the same time period and the two charts are strangely familiar. Could this mean there was some truth in the saying bankers were full of hot air as they regularly donated blood whilst in employment? Has there been increased demand for blood as bankers jump from the nearest roof upon discovering the size of next years bonus cheque? ftse







In reality this is purely coincidental but I had to find a way of linking this story to finance somehow! The serious point is please go and donate blood now, don’t leave it to someone else.

You may be able to give blood if you are aged between 17-65, weigh over 7st 12lb (50kg) and are in good health. There is no upper age limit for blood donation if you have donated over the last two years.

If you already have an appointment to give blood, please keep this if you can. If not, please contact the National Blood Service on 08457 711 711 or visit for details of your local blood session or to make an appointment.

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