Current Balance = £3001.04

First Cashback Kings referral

I noticed some more cashback in my bank account today from Cashback Kings. This included £20 that I had earned back in September for signing up with an online bookmaker to make money using the matched betting technique.

It also included 72p of cashback from a hotel booking that I made with Travelodge when I went to visit friends just before Christmas, which was particularly pleasing as the hotel room only cost me £19 for the night anyway in the Travelodge sale.

In addition I earned my first referral from this website as somebody signed upto Cashback Kings via one of my referral links earning me £1. Whoever did this must have also earned themselves at least £5 from Cashback Kings as that’s the minimum required before I get paid. So it really was a win win scenario for all involved and if you haven’t already signed up I would urge you to do so now as it’s easy money.

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